Newborn Photography Sessions – Packages & Pricing

Newborn Photography Sessions

These sessions are for newborn babies between 1 to 14 days old whenever possible.  The session can be held in my Lincoln Park Studio or in your home and will generally last anywhere between 2-4 hours depending on baby.  Every session is different and we will take as many breaks as baby needs for feeding, changing, and comforting.  Please begin to think about booking a newborn session in your last trimester of pregnancy (if not sooner).  When you are ready to book we will use your due date as a placeholder, then when your new baby arrives just let me know and we will finalize a session date.

   We will generally capture 3-6 “set-ups” using a variety of props and colors to give you a unique personalized gallery of photographs.  I have all of the necessary props like backdrops, headbands, hats, buckets, baskets, and such.  If you have anything you would like to include to further customize the session like a blanket your mother knit, a musical instrument, or peanuts and a mitt for your little peanut, please just let me know.  I am always happy to incorporate these objects, I just need a heads up to include them in our game plan.

My newborn sessions are unique because we not only focus on the formal posed set-ups, but also take time to capture your newborn as they are.  I find that the candid photos of a yawn, a snuggle, eyes wide open, or a stretch on the changing table are just as important when you look back on your baby’s life as a newborn.  If you would like to focus soley on posed photos, we can certainly do that; also, if you would like to focus on just lifestyle photos, we can certainly do that as well.  This session is first and foremost yours!

All of the following sessions will include my time and talent before, during and after the session.  I will help you prepare for the session ahead of time, take care of everything during the session, and help you plan out how to display print groupings in your home after our session.  All you have to do is enjoy!


All-Inclusive Newborn Session: $595.00

This is a custom photography shoot for your newborn at 1 to 14 days old whenever possible as described above.  This 2-4 hour session includes everything you could want.

The All-Inclusive Newborn Session includes:

– Between 25 & 35+ completely hand edited portraits presented to you via instant download through a password protected online gallery

– A duplicate copy of each image will also be delivered to you as a social media ready file for you to share.  These files are specially enhanced and sized, so they will look great when uploaded to the web.

– $50 professional print credit for you to use on prints, canvases, an album, a personalized usb/cd, or anything you’d like

– a password protected online ordering gallery

You will be able to order additional prints, print products and canvases from your password protected gallery.  Feel free to share with family and friends.  Everyone can place their own order and have it shipped to them directly.


Add a Maternity Session to a Newborn Session: $275.00

($350 if booked on it’s own)

A custom maternity session can be added to your Newborn Session.  The session will last approximately 1 hour generally and includes up to 3 family members at no additional charge.

The session will also include:

15 to 20+ digital files with rights to reproduce – retouched and artistically processed portraits presented to you via digital download from this session

an online ordering gallery for additional prints

From my experience maternity sessions generally work best during the 7th month of pregnancy.


All-Inclusive First Year Collection – $1,150.00

This collection includes a full Newborn Session as described above PLUS your choice of 2 one hour sessions from these ages or any of your choosing from 1 day to 18 months:

before entering the world – maternity

3 months, 6 months, 8 months, 1 year!, 18 months

Each of these 3 sessions include:

From the Newborn Session: Between 30 & 35+ completely retouched portraits will be presented to you via digital download with reprint rights.

From each of the 1 hour sessions: Between 15 & 20+ completely retouched portraits will be presented to you via digital download with reprint rights.

In addition to the digital images, the First Year Collection includes:

$50 print credit from each session – or – one $150 credit from one session

a copy of each photo optimized for sharing online included in the digital download

an online ordering gallery

All-Inclusive First Year Collection – $1,150

The Newborn and Maternity session includes up to 3 family members at no additional charge.  The other sessions will be tailored to fit your family, but will generally focus on baby.


Watch Them Grow Month by Month – $3,500

Every month brings changes in your baby – capture their milestones and celebrate holidays all year round with this package.  If you keep a list of milestones for me each month, I will also make you a social media ready, pinterest style, photo with their milestones overlayed in text to the left of a photo from each monthly session.  You will not miss a chance to capture all of the miracles of this first year.

This package includes:

– One Full All Inclusive Newborn Session as described above

Between 25 & 35 completely retouched and artistically processed portraits presented to you via instant download through a password protected online gallery

– $50 professional print credit for you to use on prints, a personalized usb/cd, or anything you’d like

-11 Additional Monthly Sessions

– One 1 hour session each month – From each of the sessions: Between 10 & 20 portraits featuring detailed, artistic processing of each image will be presented to you via digital download with reprint rights within one week of our session

– Keepsake Custom Album to remember this amazing year

– Custom 12 inch x 12 inch Coffee Table Book – 1 set of pages (left and right) for each month with custom cover at the conclusion of your baby’s first year

– Gallery to order additional prints from any of the sessions


First 48 In-Hopstial Session – $300

Capture your baby’s first days in this world with a “First 48 Session“. This session will take place generally during the first “full” day after birth in the hospital or birthing center.

Click here for a complete overview on an In-Hospital Newborn Session.