what should I expect at a session?

I am generally a natural light photographer that prefers to mix candid lifestyle images with posed formal portraits.  We will do this organically by naturally posing you guys, capturing that formal shot and then allowing you to be yourselves within that already “posed” environment.  The more your child is enjoying their time, the better the photographs, so we will take lots of time to interact, play, and laugh.

what locations do you suggest?

Having spent the last 6 years photographing all over the Chicago Metro area, I have gotten to know the local parks pretty well.  If you let me know where you live or what sort of location you are searching for, I will send you some ideas.  I want the location of our shoot to match your family and your style.  To some, outdoors means a forest and to others it means a garden.  When you say “city” you might want the feeling of being in the city (Millenium Park at sunset is great for this!) or you may want the city skyline (check out Montrose Harbor).  Chicago offers a few indoor locations that can bring the outdoors inside as well.  We live in a diverse city, let’s plan a session that belongs to you!

tell me more about newborn sessions?

Newborn sessions take place within a baby’s first 2 weeks of life.  They can take place in your home or in my Lincoln Park studio.  We will capture family photos, sibling photos, and photos of just baby during our session – all included and encouraged! I’ll also send over a set of tips and tricks to help you prepare for the session once baby is here.

help – what should we wear???

We want you to look and feel like yourselves, so that should take a bit of the pressure off.  There is no need to go shopping and have everyone match perfectly.  Coordination and personality are key.  Think about what season we are in, the location we have chosen, and what everyone really loves to wear.  Photo day is already a bit stressful, so clothes that are comfortable are key. Here are a few tips to follow, but we will chat more about it in our planning session.

– sometimes it is best to choose the person that is the most fun or the hardest to dress.

– make baby pop – dress them in plaid or something colorful and then make yourselves the “backdrop” by dressing in complimentary solid colors.

– layers are great – they show personality, give pops of color and are so flattering!

– make sure everything fits well – as a Mom, I buy my son’s clothes a size big so that he doesn’t outgrow them that very same day, but for photos, clothes that fit well, look more put together and won’t be a distraction.

– color and personality can come from jewelry, scarves, shoes/socks, or any other accessories.  Plus, adding/removing accessories is an easy way to change up your look during our session.

– complimentary colors are key – navy, light blue, and a plaid in blue and white are a great pallete – so is purple, yellow, and gray.  Choosing complimentary colors before going shopping can really help.

are digital files included?

YES! A gallery of fully edited and ready to print images are yours to download and keep!

I would never book a session without the ability to keep the digital images, so I would never expect you to!  All of my packages include a gallery of edited digital images for you to download with the rights to reprint.


how do you decide what images to edit and include?

After our session I download all of our images and look through them individually.  I’m on the hunt for any image that makes me smile.  I know that a photo of your child crawling, playing, or cuddling is just as valueable as one of them smiling, so I include it all. There are guidelines of how many images to expect from each session, but I pride myself on giving you “anything worth having”.

what if we need to reschedule – this is Chicago after all?

Weather and children are unpredictable.  I understand that kids get sick and aren’t themselves and the weatherman gets it wrong.  If the day is not going our way, we will reschedule for the soonest possible date that works for both our schedules.  Session fees are not refundable, but are always transferable.  Some concerns like a small bump or scrape can probably be fixed in the editing process, so if you’re unsure about rescheduling, just ask.

okay, I’m ready – what are the next steps? 

Awesome – I am excited to work together!

Send me a note through the Contact Page and I will get back to you with options on date and location.  Once you are ready to book, there is a deposit to secure your session and a contract to review.  Everything is sent via email and super duper straightforward!