More About Abby


Welcome!  I hope we have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other a bit better soon.

This is me and the loves of my life.  My husband and I have spent the past 12 years loving, learning, growing, exploring, and smiling!  In 2014 we welcomed Sir William.  He came into this world quickly and hasn’t slowed down since.  He has the kindest heart and is the smartest little boy I know.  It has been an honor to be his mother and help shape his world.  We hope to have more little ones eventually, but if William is it, our hearts will be full.

I received my first camera as a gift when I was 12.  We had just moved to Colorado and the mountains provided the perfect setting to learn about differences in light, movement, and the final *film* photo.  Yes, film.  I then went on to a high school for the performing and visual arts where I studied photography and theater.  I loved spending time in the darkroom and all of the plentiful opportunities to learn and experiment.

Once I turned my eyes toward college, I decided to focus on a “real job”.  I studied Marketing and Real Estate Development and landed a dream job right at the start of the recession.  As the economy worsened, I was in the fortunate place of being able to start something new.  As I searched, I realized that the one thing I could never turn off was the camera in my head.  Once you start saying things like “see how the sunlight is filtering through the trees right now” – you know you see the world in photographs.

Chicago has become our home and I have finally concluded the long search for a photography studio. As of Fall 2016, I will be photographing newborns, cake smashes, portraits, mini sessions, and everything in between at the studio and on location.  I hope this space becomes a community gathering place as well.  I will be hosting story times, crafts, dance parties, holiday gatherings and much more.  Please stop by anytime to say hi and see what events are going on.

I could go on and on about my love for children.  I have chosen to focus on children and families because I believe that this time is the most special and fleeting.  Every age is worth remembering.  From the tiny features of a newborn, to the chubby cheeks and grins of a toddler, to the boy who keeps growing out of his jeans, and the senior who is ready to take on the world.  Your memories are important to me and I would like to work with you to capture your world as you see it.

I’ll end with my favorite sentiment about childhood that pretty much sums it up –